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  • One Link Needle Free IV ConnectorHospital Care

    Interlink was the first needle free access device and is still the split septum device more clinicians use. The Interlink IV access system has been the market leader in the U.S. split septum market for decades. U.S. Product Catalog. Find additional product information in our online catalog or call us at for customer service or to

  • Preventing central venous catheter associated

    Of 60 needle free connectors disinfected with the antiseptic barrier cap 1 1.6 showed transmission P < .001 . Conclusion An antiseptic barrier cap was highly effective in sterilizing the septum of a needle free valve connector and preventing entry of any microorganisms even with heavy contamination of the septum. This new technology

  • Kleenpak Presto Sterile ConnectorPall Shop

    Genderless sterile connectionsIntuitive reliable secure. The Kleenpak Presto sterile connector is the next generation in the Allegro range of single use fluid handling and management devices. This new genderless connection allows for the permanent sterile connection of two fluid streams for a large range of biopharmaceutical applications.

  • Needle free connectors Haemopharm

    Needle free connectors by Haemopharm is featured in the Omnia Global Medical Directory. revolutionizes the needlefree connections providing a hermetic closure for powders and liquids in sterile containers with no risk of contamination. NIP can be used to access the bag with a mating luer connector without the needle. As soon as the luer

  • Pharmaceuticals Thermo Scientific Culture Media in

    Aseptic Connector May be used on its own or to . make a sterile union to a tubing . set to allow additional aseptic or steam connections. SmartSite Connector For needle free additions or sampling using a luer . lock style syringe. 1 ½ inch 38 mm sanitary flange . connector CPC Quick Connect Disconnect System. Convenient connections

  • Needlefree Swabable Valves Nordson MEDICAL

    Designed to Combat Infection in Medical Applications. Our cost efficient needle free swabable valve series is designed to reduce the risk of infection when injecting or aspirating fluids for applications including The hermetic septum seal reduces the risk of biofilm formation and contamination.

  • Implementation of Single Use Assemblies for Final Sterile

    Sterile connector Filling Needle s Pump 2 D Header Surge Bag Filling The header bag is used for level control to create constant inlet conditions. Vent filter not required Side inlet port and bottom outlet port design for maximum product recovery 2 D design allows for

  • Disposable Sterile Needle Free Positive Pressure Connector

    China Disposable Sterile Needle Free Positive Pressure Connector Find details about China Without Needle Positive Pressure Joint from Disposable Sterile Needle Free Positive Pressure ConnectorShandong Zhushitang Medical Devices Co. Ltd.

  • Sterile single use syringes with or without needle for

    This International Standard specifies requirements and test methods for empty sterile single use syringes with or without needles made of plastic materials and intended solely for the injection of insulin with which the syringes are filled by the end user.

  • Cardio Thoracic ProductsHenry Schein

    Needle free injection port for addition of anti coagulants Latex free tubing and components Sterile Argyle Autotransfusion Accessory Unit Chest Drainage Accessories ShiP CoDe DeSCriPTion CASe Adapter for Emerson Pump 24 For use with glass bottles and Thora Seal I Chest Drainage Unit Clean ready to use

  • NeutraClear needle free connectorEL NC1001 BD

    The NeutraClear needle free connector improves on the classic center post design with a sealing ring that helps reduce microbial ingress.

  • MicroClave Clear Needle Free Connector Male Luer Lock

    Prevent needle stick injuries and reduce bacterial contamination with the MicroClave Clear Needle Free connector. Features neutral displacement technology and it is not limited to 24 hour use. Blood and high pressure compatibility 10 ml/second . Swabbable and MRI friendly. Sterile latex free DEHP free and non pyrogenic. Box of 100.

  • AccessoriesIntegra Life

    Accessories Shunt System Connectors Catalog# Description Straight Connector stainless steel 10.4 mm 1.07 mm ID x 2.08 mm OD Straight Connector titanium 14 mm 1.04 mm ID x 2.16 mm OD Holter Type A Straight Connector stainless steel 10.4 mm 1.07 mm ID x 2.08 mm OD Non sterile 5 per package

  • BD MaxZero needle free connectorBD

    The BD MaxZero needle free connector is the zero reflux connector that leverages the same technology as the BD MaxPlus connector designed to help reduce the risk of infections and occlusions. Its low weight and low priming volume make it especially suited for use with all patients including infants and children.

  • Flexible Sterile Instruments for Single Use

    Needle Papillotome double lumen diameter 2.4 mm adjustable needle length 3 5 mm including handle working length 210 cm standard HF connector sterile for single use package of 10 for use with flexible endoscopes with working channels as

  • Needle Free Syringe PharmaJet

    Needle free injectors deliver the vaccine using a narrow stream of fluid to penetrate the skin and deliver vaccine to the proper tissue depth. Since the first jet injectors were introduced in the 1940s the technology has evolved to a single use sterile disposable syringe used with a reusable injector.

  • Safsite Needle Free Luer Activated Valve Female Luer

    Safsite Needle Free Luer Activated Valve Female Luer Lock to Male Luer Lock QOSSN. Qosina offers a variety of valves that are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Manufactured by B. Braun Qosina part #QOSSN is designed for applications that require inflation. 11532 Female Luer Lock to Barb Connector fits 1/16 inch ID

  • SmartSite needle free connectorBD

    The SmartSite needle free connector gives you the peace of mind of protecting your clinicians with a brand that has been in market for more than 20 years and a proven design recognized by the National Society of Professional Engineers NSPE and the Medical Design Excellence Awards MDEA .

  • BD I.V Sets and Accessories

    Needle Free Connectors. MaxZero Needle Free Connector s NeutraClear Needle Free Connector s SmartSite Needle Free Connector s MaxPlus Needle Free Connector s

  • Medical Sterile Transparent Y Type Needle Free Connector

    Our Medical Y Type Needle Free Connector comply with the ISO 594 standards it s easy to swabbed and no residual on the surface. Micro positive pressure of Transparent Y Type Needle Free Connector and including the design Only three components for assembling reliable design. Yingmed is specialized in Disposable products more than 10 years.

  • Sterile ConnectionsBioengineering

    The needle is protected with a protective sleeve sterile case against contamination with foreign germs. The entire unit needle with protective sleeve tube and container is sterilized. On the outer wall of the fermenter usually on the lid there is a connection piece compatible with the needle which is closed against the environment with

  • Needleless ConnectorsBBraunUSA

    Needle free and hassle free IV connection adaptability and safety Nexus TKO Anti Reflux Needleless Connector The Nexus TKO To Keep Open Anti Reflux technology is designed to deliver I.V. Catheter Patency 24/7 This site is intended for U.S. audiences only.


    Tender number GFQ11717Supply and Delivery of Sterile Needle and Syringe NSP Kit 2 2 INVITATION TO TENDER ITT Date 16/09/2020 1. The Kenya Red Cross Society KRCS Global Fund project intends to procure Sterile Needle and Syringe with Paraphernalia named NSP Kit 2.

  • Sterile Connectors and DisconnectorsPall Shop

    Sterile Connectors As the name suggests a sterile connector is a device that connects two separate fluid paths while maintaining the sterile integrity of both pathways even in uncontrolled environments. Sterile Disconnectors A sterile disconnector is a device that separates the fluid pathway into two separate fluid paths without impairing the integrity and purity of both paths.

  • BD MaxPlus needle free connectorBD

    Connector. MaxPlus needle free connector. Not made with DEHP. PV 0.28 mL Labeled for use with low pressure power injectors up to 325 PSI and maximum flow rate of 10 mL/second. 1.1000. Mexico. 0. 0.28. 6.25in x 6.25in x 5.5in 1.1lb.

  • Needle free connectors catheter related bloodstream

    In the critically ill catheter related bloodstream infection can result from bacterial contamination of infusion hubs of intravascular catheters. Needle free connectors NFC have been suggested to reduce the rate of bacterial contamination and subsequent catheter related bloodstream infection CRBSI but data remains ambiguous. Thus we tested if a novel NFC would reduce

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    Non Telescopic PenEvac Diamond Crystal Non Stick ENT Needle 10 Tube Holster. ICM. 25. Sterile. Non Telescopic PenEvac Diamond Crystal Non Stick ENT Needle 4 Tube Holster. ICM. 20. Sterile. Non Telescopic PenEvac Stainless Steel Blade 10 Tube 22mm to 10mm Connector Holster.

  • Factory Sterile Infusion Needleless Injection Connector

    China Factory Sterile Infusion Needleless Injection Connector for Catheters Find details about China Connector Needleless Connector from Factory Sterile Infusion Needleless Injection Connector for CathetersKangmian Technology Hangzhou Co. Ltd.

  • Specialty Extension Sets with T Connector Medline

    Description. Packaging. IME. Small Bore IV Extension Set with 1 Needle Free Valve 19 from T Connector Needle Free Valve Spin Male Luer Lock Hub 23 0.75 mL Priming Volume Non DEHP. 100/CS. Stock Allocated QTY Remaining QTY Allocation Reset Date IME. Small Bore IV Extension Set with Slide Clamp VersaSafe T

  • Sterile Anti infection Needle Free Connector for Medical

    Sterile Anti infection Needle Free Connector for Medical Use Description 1.With latest and safe transfusion philosophy needle free for both drug delivery and sampling. 2. The needle free connector will keep closed and aseptic while not connecting with any other connector.

  • Supply and Delivery of Sterile Needle and Syringe NSP

    GFQ11716 Supply and Delivery of NSP Kit 1 and Tourniquets INVITATION TO TENDER ITT Date 16/09/2020 1. The Kenya Red Cross Society KRCS Global Fund project intends to procure Sterile Needle and Syringe with Paraphernalia named NSP Kit 1 and Tourniquets. 2. The Kenya Red Cross Society herewith invites sealed tender s for SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF STERILE NEEDLE

  • Needle and syringe programmes NSPs for HIV

    Needle and syringe programmes NSPs are a type of harm reduction initiative that provides clean needles and syringes to people who inject drugs sometimes referred to as PWID to reduce transmission of HIV and other blood borne viruses such as hepatitis B and C .The World Health Organization WHO recommends providing 200 sterile needles and syringes per drug injector per

  • STD FLEXBOY 150mL LL/LL Sartorius

    Flexboy 2D Bags are available in bag chamber volumes between 5 mL and 50 L. They are supplied sterile and ready to use for an easy and convenient process implementation. The versatile range of Flexboy Pre Designed Solutions PDS allows for sterile filtration storage and transfer of all biopharmaceutical fluids. Multiple configurations are provided for flexible incorporation in all

  • Safsite B. Braun

    Safsite . Safsite is a needle free valve that can be used for infusion and transfusion therapy. It is designed for aspiration injection or gravity flow of fluids upon insertion of a male luer fitting. The valve allows multiple usage through activation of the needle free connector by attaching a luer slip luer lock connector such as a syringe.

  • Product Catalog

    Needle Free Connectors Catheter Extension Sets. Baxter invented the first needle free connector INTERLINK in 1991 to reduce the risk of needle stick injuries. Baxter continues its inventive leadership with the introduction of our neutral displacement ONE LINK needle free IV connector

  • SmartSite needle free connector20558E BD

    6. Approximate length in 2.5. Approximate priming volume mL 0.6. Case dimensions. 12.375in x 11.125in x 3.875in 1.55lb. Natural rubber latex is not part of the material formulation. Yes.